You and the Natural World: Quantitative Research

This book is designed and written to provide an overview of the principles of quantitative research. The chapters are conceptualized and written in a step-by-step fashion to guide students on how quantitative research is to be undertaken.


Richard Pulmones, PhD

Level/s: Senior High


Suf ficient examples are given to illustrate the key concepts discussed in each chapter. One outstanding feature of the book is that it constantly refers to an identified research topic introduced in Chapter 1 as the rest of the key concepts in the succeeding chapters are being developed.

The development of the chapters adheres to the accepted procedures in conducting quantitative research so that readers are guided on every step of the way. Thus, the conceptual flow of the chapters are as follows:

  • Introduction to research
  • Identifying a topic and framing the research question
  • Review of the related literature and crafting of theconceptual framework
  • Conceptualizing the research design and collecting data
  • Analyzing the collected data
  • Reporting and writing the results

With this conceptual flow, readers can be directed, guided, and coached on how to proceed with the inquiry process. Given this approach, it is hoped that students will see that engaging in research can be broken down into doable steps.





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