SpeaC (Speak and Listen in Context): An Oral Communication Textbook for Senior High School

With the goal of becoming effective (oral) communicators and considering that in the twenty first century, every creator must first be an effective communicator, the senior high school students are lead to the natural processes of listening and speaking, enriched with viewing activities, following the Understanding by Design framework, and simulating authentic communication in various contexts.


Ana Marie O. Fernandez and Elineth Elizabeth L. Suarez, EdD (Author-Coordinator)

Level/s: Senior High


Task-based learning, as part of the framework makes the students realize that learning happens more meaningfully when they immerse themselves, individually or collaboratively, in varied tasks prepared for them as scaf f olds toward constructing new perspectives and strategies to survive in the global arena. All these are focused on the learners’ development of knowledge and skills in a gradual pace until they reach independent learning or transfer of skills. Such activities, including grammar-related ones, are meant to create opportunities for the learners to become communicatively competent, ‘glocal’ individuals—local in concerns but global in visions and perspectives. Moreover, the activities are mapped out aligned to the standards set by the K to 12 curriculum.





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