Society, Culture, and Politics: An Introductory Text for Senior High School

Designed to impart knowledge and skills on environment and disaster and its impact among senior high school students, t his book will help enable the students to respond and act before, during, and after a disaster strikes. At the end of the course, the students are expected to equip themselves with practical skills and simulation activities related to disaster preparedness.


Maria Virginia G. Aguilar, PhD, Luis Carmelo Buenaventura, PhD, Josephine R. Lejos-Cruz, MA, and Ma. Melinda S. Delmonte, MA

Level/s: Senior High


It includes the following features:

  • Attuned with the existing global frameworks on Disaster Risk Reduction, e.g., Hyogo and Sendai Framework for Action;
  • Practically designed to equip students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes on how to deal with Philippine
    disasters and hazards;
  • K to 12 Curriculum Compliant;
  • Upholds the rights-based approach, gender fairness, and cultural sensitivity





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