Soaring 21st Century Mathematics: General Mathematics

This is a concept-based and learner-centered book intended for senior high school students.


Renard Eric L. Chua, Zheng Rong S. Wu, Arvie D. Ubarro, Manuel T. Kotah, and Simon L. Chua, DT (Project Director); Coordinator: Roberto J. Degolacion

Level/s: Senior High

  • T his book covers Functions and their Graphs including rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions, basic Business Mathematics including interest, annuities, loan payment and mortgage, investments, stocks and bonds, and Logic and Mathematical Reasoning.
  • It is designed to instill in students a deep understanding of math, specifically how to solve problems involving functions, how to operate in a world of growing financial complexity, and how to apply logic to real-life situations.





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