Soaring 21st Century Mathematics: Business Math

This concept-based, learner-centered book is intended for senior high school students pursuing careers in banking and finance, management, marketing, hotel and restaurant management, tourism, and other business courses with mathematical concepts relevant to a business curriculum.


Queenie S. Flores, Manuel T. Kotah, Raymund Dimaranan, Roberto J. Degolacion, Joseph S. Wee, and Simon L. Chua, DT (Project Director and Consultant); Coordinator: Roberto J. Degolacion Isidro C. Aguilar, Ed. D.

Level/s: Senior High

  • This book provides a unified and comprehensive introduction of math skills needed to attain success in business. It aims to help students in business-related programs to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and successful businesspersons.
  • In this book, students will be given some familiarity of electronic commerce, or e-commerce, which is more common when one does online shopping. Indeed, the rise of e-commerce ushers in an era of borderless
    shopping. The internet has made the world’s shops a mere click away. Though majority of online shoppers prefer local currency, introducing dollars at least increases students’ awareness on another medium of exchange in e-commerce.
  • The book comes with a Solution Set and a Learning Guide.





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