Politics Without Borders: Philippine Politics and Governance (The Padayon Series)

This book provides a basic yet intellectually stimulating introduction to the study of Philippine politics and governance. It introduces students not only to the workings of the Philippine governmental system and the various processes and means by which citizens can participate and get represented in politics and governance.


Diana J. Mendoza, PhD and Ma. Lourdes F. Melegrito, PhD Cand.; Project Director: Ronaldo B. Mactal, PhD

Level/s: Senior High

  • It also introduces them to the debates and complexities of civil society participation and state-civil society relations in Philippine society.
  • Adopting a “broad yet variegated approach” in studying politics and governance, the textbook focuses both on rules and institutions, emphasizes both formal and informal conceptions of institutions, and develops in the students a value-critical stance on existing rules and institutions in the Philippines.
  • T he textbook is enhanced by excellent pedagogical features including, but not limited to, definition of key concepts, case-study boxes, and numerous practical examples. It complies with the requirements of the K to 12 Curriculum.





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