Philosophy of the Human Person: An Introductory Text for Senior High School

This is a textbook designed to fill in the demands of senior high school education: achieve holistic global citizens equipped with critical thinking skills and with ingrained capacity for insights-production and concepts generation.


Loreto G. Camiloza, Edgardo B. Garnace, Rommel M. Mazo, and Evelyn D. Perez

Level/s: Senior High

  • It facilitates learning of higher philosophical theories that cover significant themes of intellectual history
    from the Ancient Greeks to the existentialists, and to the postmodernists; taught in the traditional Socratic,
    rational, intuitive, reflective practice with leveled design using up-to-date pedagogical approaches.
  • T he authors’ combined experiences of teaching philosophy in university setting guarantees the textbook of initiating students for higher education presented in a “classroom language,” with suf ficient tasks in preparing them for performance standards: preparatory activity, checks in between lessons, short evaluative exercises involving classical concepts, and reflective activities like critique exercise and journal writing to help exhibit essential competencies of logical reasoning and insightful expositions.
  • The book comes with a Teachers Wraparound Edition (TWE) that contains the Learning Guide, Curriculum Map, and other Teacher Resources set in QR codes.





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