Pathways to Entrepreneurship

The book is an instructional material that will guide students in understanding the “concepts, underlying principles, processes, and implementation of a business plan” as prescribed by the Department of Education.


Tereso S. Tullao Jr., PhD and Raymund B. Habaradas, DBA

Level/s: Senior High

  • Aside from the preparation and implementation of a business plan, the book has an additional theme on a
    comprehensive introduction on entrepreneurial analysis.
  • The book contains key concepts in the study of entrepreneurship and core competencies needed by
    entrepreneurs particularly.
  • The themes in the book provide students not only with the theories and principles underlying successful
    entrepreneurship, but also with practical examples and case studies that allow students to make sense of these theories and principles.
  • In addition, the book contains a variety of learning activities that will allow students to gain useful skills
    when they eventually set up a business venture.
  • The book was written by distinguished scholars on entrepreneurship and economics. Dr. Raymund B.
    Habaradas has taught entrepreneurship for more than two decades, while Dr. Tereso S. Tullao Jr. has done studies on the role of entrepreneurship in generating employment, income, and a possible source of economic progress for the Philippines.





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