Next Century Mathematics: General Mathematics

This is a textbook designed to cater to the needs of senior high school learners. It aims to develop and intensify the learners’ analytical and critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.


Author-Coordinator: Fernando B. Orines

Level/s: Senior High

  • T his Textbook covers Rational, Logarithmic, and Exponential Functions and connects these topics further to Basic Business Mathematics including Interest, Annuities, Stocks and Bonds, and Business and Consumer Loans.
  • It also covers Logic and Reasoning.
  • With this textbook, the learners are expected to develop understanding of the applications of math in general, to have zest for life-long learning, and to be prepared to take on the challenges ahead whether they choose to engage in higher studies, to pursue an entrepreneurial undertaking, or to enter the world of work.





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