Media and Information in a Changing World: The Essential Introduction to Media and Information Literacy (The Padayon Series)

In the aftermath of innovations that began with Gutenberg’s printing press and carried through the centuries until Zuckerberg’s Facebook, information and media have seeped into every nook and cranny.


Violet B. Valdez, PhD, Jaime Manuel Q. Flores, Jon Paul F. Maligalig, Aaron R. Vicencio, Andrew Albert J. Ty, Jo Aurea M. Imbong, Esq, Cheryl Borsoto-Nasol, and Karissa Villa; Project Director: Ronaldo B. Mactal, PhD

Level/s: Senior High

  • This Textbook is the learners’ guide to the theory and practice embodied in the course Media and Information Literacy. The various chapters recount the story and growth of media. They present the theories, concepts, and principles that learners need to be able to think about media and information in critical and creative ways. Concepts are enhanced using examples that trigger interest, stimulate thinking, and inspire further learning. Guide questions, activities, and tests provide opportunities to apply concepts
    not only in the learners’ daily encounters with the media but also in production projects. Indeed this book is an invitation for learners to step back and ponder: What is media? What is information? Where do these come from and where are they bringing me? How are they shaping my life? How can I use them to develop my potentials as an individual and as a productive and responsible citizen? How can I avoid being manipulated and deceived by them? How can I be a part of them in a meaningful way? How can I use them to contribute to the development of my community?
  • This book will not only enrich classroom discussions but also inspire doing and participation. It is an
    indispensable guide for learners as they become more aware of media in their lives, and learn to reflect and decide on the ways they deal with media and information.
  • Padayon: Media and Information in a Changing World is a complete resource for the core course Media and Information Literacy. Its content was carefully written and organized following the course guidelines of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum. It is an essential referral for learners and a valuable tool for teachers.





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