Making Life Worth Living: An Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person (The Padayon Series)

The textbook follows the K to 12 curriculum design of the course Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person. Supplementary topics, however, are added to better address the objectives of the course and to make the course more relevant to present realities and issues.


Napoleon M. Mabaquiao Jr., PhD; Project Director: Ronaldo B. Mactal, PhD

Level/s: Senior High

  • Simple, direct, and clear language is used in explaining concepts and views without sacrificing the depth of what they convey.
  • Complex philosophical ideas are thereby simplified for students to better appreciate and benefit more from the valuable insights expressed by these ideas.
  • Discussions are thematically arranged and systematically organized.
  • T he Textbook introduces the students to the various philosophical aspects of human personhood and equips them with the concepts and skills necessary for a critical and reflective examination of their own personhood (especially in light of current technological advances and sociopolitical events that seem to undermine the value of human life). However, it also introduces the students to the nature, major themes, and methods of philosophy because the act of philosophizing begins and ends with the human person.
  • While this textbook is primarily an introduction to the philosophy of the human person, it is at the same time an introduction to the discipline of philosophy.





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