JOURNEY: Contemporary Arts of the Philippines

This book invites senior high school students to explore the rich Filipino heritage through the various contemporary artworks, songs, dances, and drama originating from different regions of the country.


Arch. Carlo Luis C. Ganzon

Level/s: Senior High

  • Over a span of four units, the book surveys the different forms of contemporary arts in the Philippines, the
    notable and award-winning Filipino contemporary artists, the avant-garde art techniques they employ,
    and the dif f erent aspects of production of visual and performing arts.
  • Furthermore, it aims to present relevant topics and content vital to the artistic development of the twentyfirst century learners. The significant and interactive activities included in the book ensure an enjoyable and up-to-date learning process and provide students with the opportunity to partake in enriching Philippine contemporary art.
  • The Textbook comes with a highly detailed Teachers Wraparound Edition (TWE) to aid the teachers in discussing various concepts that are fundamental in understanding the art of today. It also contains other
    Teacher Resources set in QR codes.
  • As with any journey, it yearns to reach a destination; one that is fulfilled by instilling collective pride and
    nationalism in future Filipino artists in hopes of preserving the cultural heirloom handed down from one
    generation to another.





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