Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems (The Padayon Series)

The textbook, in compliance with the K to 12 Curriculum design of the course Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems, explores the main teachings and practices, as well as the origins and challenges of eight major religions of the world, namely, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shintoism.


Napoleon M. Mabaquiao Jr., PhD; Project Director: Ronaldo B. Mactal, PhD

Level/s: Senior High

  • This endeavor has three main objectives: to cultivate a profound appreciation of the uniqueness and differences of these religions; to promote mutual understanding and respect among followers of these religions; and to deepen one’s own sense of spirituality. The textbook has four chapters that are divided into two units for a balanced division of topics.
  • The Textbook is specifically designed to maximize students’ understanding of the eight world religions. Each chapter contains various activities that help students demonstrate their understanding of the lessons (such as filling in KWL charts and concept mapping). Along with these activities are tests that enable students to discover and critically examine their initial ideas and views about religion and the different world religions. Each lesson ends with review questions to enhance knowledge retention. Every section of each lesson in turn ends with discussion points designed to facilitate dialogue or exchange of ideas among students, and to cultivate in them the attitudes of open-mindedness and respect for differences. Finally, each chapter includes activities which ask students to compare and contrast the different world religions and to reflect on how their newly acquired knowledge significantly contributes to their spiritual growth.





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