Integrated English for Effective Communication: Reading and Writing Skills Senior High School

T his book presents a holistic approach to functional language based on the theories on the reading-to-writing connections by Krashen, Tierney, and Pearson and incorporates the design of a task-based language teaching by Nunan.


Allen Montenegro-Gasulas, Fritzie Gay S. Lusica, Louie G. Mendoza, Ace Lyn U. Miranda, Mark Gleen O. Cidro, Anne Margareth A. Mallari, and Danilo Ciceron T. Yabut; Coordinator: Alce M. Sentones

Level/s: Senior High

  • To view reading and writing as a process of making meaning involves aspects of understanding. Reading  provides the writer an extensive range of written texts essential for discourse constructs necessary in the development of language acquisition.
  • T his book comes with a Learning Guide with Curriculum Map.





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