Integrated English for Effective Communication: Oral Communication in Context Senior High School

This book presents an integrated approach to listening and speaking.


Allen Montenegro-Gasulas, Fritzie Gay S. Lusica, and Virna S. de los Santos; Coordinator: Alce M. Sentones

Level/s: Senior High

  • T he course of f ers the learners the ability to use listening and speaking skills ef f ectively to engage in intrapersonal, interpersonal, and group interactions in dif f erent sociolinguistic situations. It incorporates the design of a task-based language approach by Nunan.
  • T he design of the instructional material takes into careful consideration the core standards of Senior High
    School and its subsequent articulation with the College Readiness Standards by identifying skills in listening and speaking that will not only allow learners to succeed in college but also help them acquire twenty-first century skills.
  • T his book comes with a Learning Guide with Curriculum Map.






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