HUMSS Fusion (The Padayon Series)

This is a workbook for the culminating activity of grade 12 students under the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Strand. It aims to help academic track students in integrating concepts and principles learned from various disciplines and learning areas in the humanities and social sciences. It is intended to guide students in the step-by-step preparation of group exhibits and student portfolios that creatively represent syntheses of lessons learned from the humanities and social sciences. It invites students to envision their future as liberal arts professionals through career talks and actual immersion in the disciplines.


Neil Oliver T. Penullar, Ma. Lourdes F. Melegrito, PhD Cand., and Diana J. Mendoza, PhD; Project Director: Ronaldo B. Mactal, PhD

Level/s: Senior High


Key Features

  • K to 12 Curriculum Compliant
  • Develops students’ independent learning skills (e.g., selfreflection, strategic thinking, conceptual synthesis, etc.) through the individual portfolio project
  • Trains students in developing essential questions and graphic organizers to synthesize key HUMSS concepts and principles
  • Fosters cooperative learning through the HUMSS Learning Exhibit Project
  • Encourages parental involvement through Class Exhibits and Career Advocacy Sessions
  • Facilitates experiential learning through immersion activities in the liberal arts profession





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