From Cave to Cloud: Media and Information Literacy for Today

T his covers the fundamental aspects of media and information literacy, offering a historical survey of the evolution of media and information technologies that traces how different technologies were invented, innovated, and predisposed to new uses, and how they, in turn, shape history.


Patrick F. Campos

Level/s: Senior High

  • T he textbook, then, endeavors to provide today’s learners a vital educational resource for helping them develop media and information literacy both as an individual pursuit and as a social pursuit.
  • T he manner of writing also aims to engage the learner in the style of communication that is familiar to young people who are new media “natives.” By writing the textbook as such, it is hoped that the learner will be exposed to many and diverse examples, as well as to the developments in media and information studies.
  • T he book comes with a Learning Guide (LG) with Curriculum Map (CM), Teachers Wraparound Edition (TWE), and a Teachers Resource CD (TRCD). The LG with CM and TWE provides sample learning plans to help teachers explain the concepts and execute the activities. It also shows lesson development, application of varied teaching strategies, as well as alignment of contents with the learning competencies prescribed by DepEd. The TRCD is an additional instructional material designed to help teachers facilitate for effective teaching.





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