Exploring Life Through Science Series: General Physics 1 and 2

General Physics 1 and 2 were written to meet the needs of senior high school students for a comprehensive course in physics.


Angelina A. Silverio

Level/s: Senior High

  • General Physics 1 focuses on the mechanics of particles, rigid bodies, and fluids; wave motion and sound; and heat and thermodynamics. General Physics 2 presents topics on electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics. Each chapter provides adequate explanation and description of physical laws or principles, and is supplemented with carefully chosen solved sample problems.
  • Practice exercises follow each sample problem to provide students an opportunity to reinforce their learning and gain confidence in calculations.
  • Each chapter ends with Test Yourself and a laboratory activity.
  • The books also provide teachers and students with rich applications of physics that are in tune with times. These make students realize that physics is about the world in front of them and that physics deals with the laws of nature. Understanding these laws is, therefore, the key to technological progress in any civilization.





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