Exploring Life Through Science Series: Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction

ELTS: DRRR is geared toward making the senior high school students learn the basic concepts of the different hazards the Philippines faces.


Juliano S. Parena Jr

Level/s: Senior High

  • T he book presents the risks associated with specific hazards to enable students to recognize and assess their
  • It gives the students the opportunity to develop their personal, family, and community emergency response
    plans to make them more disaster-ready.
  • It also includes practical activities that reinforce learning as well as worthwhile projects that can be done
    individually or as a group that are all geared toward disaster preparedness.
  • T he book features local and foreign scientists who had great contributions in the study of disasters or its
    origins. It also puts emphasis on the e effect of climate change on the increasing risks and effects of disasters.
    It ultimately aims to make the students understand that disaster preparedness is not just a government effort but everyone’s.





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