Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences (The Padayon Series)

The textbook Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences (DIASS) focuses on the concrete application to everyday life occurrences of the theories, methodologies, and principles acquired from the social sciences, including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and others.


Arleigh Ross D. Dela Cruz, PhD, Carl G. Fernandez, RSW, MSW, Ma. Lourdes F. Melegrito, PhD Cand., and Violet B. Valdez, PhD; Project Director: Ronaldo B. Mactal, PhD

Level/s: Senior High

  • DIASS provides opportunities to explore, apply, and experience social sciences theories and methodologies
    in real-life settings through the practice of three applied social science disciplines of communication, social work, and counseling.
  • DIASS guides and accompanies readers as they learn about and appreciate the applied social sciences and
    what practitioners in the field do.
  • Crafted by practicing social scientists and applied social science professionals, the book aims to develop among the students a high level of understanding on the basic concepts of counseling, social work, and communication work through group dynamics, case studies, exposure and observation, and project implementation and evaluation.





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