Applied Economics for a Progressive Philippines

This book provides students in senior high school the basic tools of applied economics using cost-benefit analysis as framework in understanding the process of making decisions.


Tereso S. Tullao Jr., PhD

Level/s: Senior High

  • T he issues confronting contemporary Philippine society and economy like pollution, crime, overfishing, low
    school participation, and underinvestment in research and development are examined in terms of the differences in the recognition and valuation between costs and benefits. In addition, various applications of demand and supply analysis, a more specific version of cost-benefit analysis, are presented particularly in the determination of prices of goods and services. Likewise, the concerns of entrepreneurs and business firms on the minimum wage, exchange rate, interest rate, and rental rate are shown as applications of demand and supply analysis.
  • T he book also of f ers students with various alternative perspectives in exploring the profitability of an industry through profit maximization analysis, Porter’s five forces of competitive position, environmental scanning in industry analysis, and SWOT analysis.
  • The book outlines the elements for preparing a socioeconomic impact analysis of a business enterprise with
    its ef fects on customers, suppliers, investors, employees and other stakeholders as well as its impact on society at large.
  • With this book, the youth of our country are urged to establish commercial enterprises that create income and employment and thus contribute to Philippine progress.





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