Understanding Life through Science

This series aims to deepen the connection between science concepts and real-life and to prepare the students to be informed and participative in making judgments and decisions that have social, health, or environmental impact.


Nursery: Cherilyn Cabangunay-Manuel and Jay Michael O. Diola

Kindergarten 1: Wilma Lyn Nunez Roldan

Kindergarten 2: Janette Biares-Torrato

Grade 1: Author-Coordinator: Genevieve Arizala-Pillar

Grade 2: Darius E. Regis, Rosalyn Caisip-Chavez, Ginaline Pane-David, and Ruby Pasimanero-Ramos

Grade 3: Rosalyn Caisip-Chavez, Ginaline Pane-David, and Ruby Pasimanero-Ramos, and Carolina Reyes-Tamayo

Grade 4: Winona Yapit-Diola; Coordinator: Genevieve Arizala-Pillar

Level/s: Nursery; Kindergarten 1 and 2; Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


The series has its unique features:

  • Reinforces science processes
  • Leads the pupils to widen their understanding about the world
  • Provides basic science definitions that are appropriate to the pupils level
  • Allows students to think beyond facts
  • Allows the pupils to log their learning challenges through a concept map
  • Gives interesting science information
  • Measures the pupils understanding about the contents
  • Allow the pupils to see connections from one subject with the other subjects

The textbook for Grades 1–6 is accompanied with the Let’s Explore Manual that showcases learning through journal log, exploration, discovery and application.



Worktext Copyright:

Nursery: 2017

Kindergarten 1: 2017

Kindergarten 2: 2017

The New Grade 1: 2017

The New Grade 2: 2017

The New Grade 3: 2017

The New Grade 4: 2017

The New Grade 5: 2017

The New Grade 6: 2019




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