Transformative Science Learning

The Transformative Science Learning Series provides holistic learning experiences and allows interaction with the things that surround the children at home, in school, and in the community through the use of their senses and their ability to communicate ideas, feelings, and learning.


Nursery: Gina Corazon Manansala-Macaraig

Kindergartens 1 and 2: Daisy R. Licsi, Gina Corazon Manansala-Macaraig, and Erlinda L. Licsi; Author-Coordinator: Debbie Y. Grafil

Level/s: Nursery; Kindergartens 1 and 2


The activities facilitate the development of:

  • Knowledge and technical skills through varied assessment tools
  • Critical thinking through different activities
  • Transfer of learning in real-life situations


  • Fun with Science features engaging activities to motivate and to activate the schemata of the pupil.
  • Learning Science provides learning opportunities for the pupil through reading activities either with their
    teacher or their parents.
  • Inquiry Time allows pupils to interact with people, plants, objects, and the environment through the use of their senses.
  • Hands On, Minds On, Hearts On allows pupils to explore and learn new things as they develop their motor skills. It challenges pupils to think fully to develop the different levels of their learning capacity. It helps pupils draw out values or apply science concepts to their daily activities.


Worktext Copyright:

Nursery: 2017

Kinder 1: 2017

Kinder 2: 2017

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