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The Phoenix World of Reading series offers a comprehensive range of learning experiences that include the development of phonics, comprehension, literature, and study and reference skills. Each lesson follows a carefully-structured design that leads to a holistic understanding of the total reading process. The program enables the pupils to read effectively by accessing prior knowledge, setting purposes, predicting story structure, and applying comprehension strategies.


Kindergarten 1 and 2: Alce M. Sentones

Grade 1: Carol C. Espiritu; Reviser: Bernadette 0. Datuin

Grade 2: Cecilia B. Corsino; Reviser: Valerie C. Bacasmas

Grade 3: Elisa M. Robles; Reviser: Vivien R. Avelino

Grade 4: Leonor L. Odronia; Reviser: Ma. Divina G. Villanueva

Grade 5: Jose Ramelle E. Javier; Revisers: Marie Rose J. Ogena, Valerie C. Bacasmas, and Rachel S. Villafuerte

Grade 6: Victoria L. Magbag, Valerie C. Bacasmas, and Rachel S. Villafuerte

Level/s: Kindergarten 1 and 2; Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


The following are the essential features of the series:

  • Selections that include a wide range of literary genre for skill development
  • Emphasis on phonics
  • Thematic in structure
  • Emphasis on values and integration with other subject areas
  • Use of rubrics as a form of assessment
  • Provision of online resources for enrichment
  • Development of the key concepts of environmental education, gender sensitivity, justice and peace education, and political education


The worktext is a treasure trove of literary genre with high quality literature used as springboards for the integrated language system of the series. The sequential arrangement of skills provides for teaching, practice, and application exercises that are rich and varied. Integrated in the lesson are guiding principles under which key concepts, such as environment education, gender sensitivity education, peace and justice education, and political education are developed. Hence, the worktext features not only activities for enriching language experiences but also values formation.



Worktext Copyright:

Kindergarten 1: 2008

Kindergarten 2: 2008

Grade 1: 2017

Grade 2: 2017

Grade 3: 2017

Grade 4: 2017

Grade 5: 2017

Grade 6: 2017

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