The Amazing World of Computers

Open your classroom to The Amazing World of Computers Second Edition!


Clifford P. Esteban; Project Director: Sr. Teresita C. Babaran, SFIC

Level/s: Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


The worktext is divided into four units, with each unit divided into several lessons. Each lesson consists of the following:

  • Statements of what are expected of the pupils at the end of the lesson
  • Questions provided at the start of each lesson to give pupils a preview of the lesson
  • Simplified, step-by-step explanation of the lesson; also contains illustrations and screenshots to help pupils
    understand the lesson better
  • Integrated activities provided at the end of each lesson as practical applications of the concepts and skills pupils have learned
  • With guide to Microsoft Office 2007 booklet for teachers

With this series, pupils will learn about the impact of IT in their lives as creative, critical, and conscientious learners; how to determine which process, tools, and techniques to use, and when to use them; and how to use and apply a variety of information and communications technology in effective, efficient, and ethical ways.



Worktext Copyright:

Grade 1: 2014

Grade 2: 2014

Grade 3: 2014

Grade 4: 2014

Grade 5: 2014

Grade 6: 2014

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