Soaring 21st Century Mathematics (Preschool)

With the desire to innovate and adhere to global competitiveness, this preschool series based on International Math standards, equips young learners with enriched knowledge and skills, helping them generate greater interest and gain confidence in Mathematics.


Nursery: Marie Lana de Vera-Lim, Windy Joy S. Marcos, and Ellen T. Ongduenco

Kinder 1: Encarnation N. Gonzales, Noel N. Navarro, Ellen T. Ongduenco, and Lizabeth A. Wang

Kinder 2: Marie Lana de Vera-Lim and Ellen T. Ongduenco; Coordinator: Jedd Amerson S. Chua, Robert J. Degolacion, Ellen T. Ongduenco, Isidro Aguilar, and Marie Lana de Vera-Lim; Project Director: Simon L. Chua, D.T.

Level/s: Nursery; Kindergartens 1 and 2


The series places heavy emphasis on learner’s participation as it adopts the activity-oriented approach. Each book presents lessons with real-life themes, pictures, and illustrations to develop the learners’ sense of meaning making in the realm of mathematics. It teaches math concepts, which are intensively integrated with various subject areas, to enable learners in making connections. Through the authentic approach, the series hastens not only the learners’ computational skills but also the problem-solving skills. It addresses different types of learners through the following math exercises:

  • Let’s Work Together – facilitates group work and collaborative learning
  • On Your Own – enables independence and mastery of skills and concepts taught
  • Take the Challenge – deepens learners’ mathematical concepts, mathematical reasoning, and higher-order-thinking skills
  • Fun with Math – leads learners in applying mathematical skills in actual experiences

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