Phoenix Math for the 21st Century Learners

The series develops students’ critical thinking, equipping them with mathematical skills and competencies that are attuned to the demands of globalization.


Grade 1: Jerome L. Salazar, Thelma Cambas, Sioc Bee Chan Azajar, and Roberto J. Degolacion

Grade 2: Ellenbelle S. Bibi, Loreta I. Cepriaso, and Roberto J. Degolacion

Grade 3: Mary Ann J. Acedo, , Concesa R. Rapacon, and Isidro C. Aguilar

Grade 4: Hernan F. Jalon, Roberto G. Dumali, Roger L. Nuqui, Mercibel F. Pegarido, and Marita R. Cedino

Grade 5: Joemarie A. Bandejos, Dolores E. Reyes, s, Enerio L. Sagusay, Ed.D., and Eduardo O. Dela Cruz, Jr. Ed.D.

Grade 6: Myrna S. Agtarap, Roberto I. Agtarap, Ryan R. Subong, and Renato R. Guerrero; Coordinator: Eduardo O. Dela Cruz, Ed.D., Concesa R. Rapacon, and Roberto J. Degolacion; Project Director: Simon L. Chua D.T.

Level/s: Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


Phoenix Math for the 21st Century Learners employs an easy-to-understand approach that allows pupils to apply math in daily life. Each book contains straightforward and uncomplicated lesson presentation and uses the concrete-pictorial-abstract format in introducing new concepts. It presents non-routine problems to prepare pupils for international math contest and contains a rich variety of enrichment activities. The series addresses the needs of different types of learners through the following forms of math exercises:

  • Towards Better Understanding – provides the learners with oral exercises to allow the teachers to
    observe and measure pupils’ depth of understanding
  • Follow-up Practice – develops mathematical skills where pupils practice and apply independently what they have learned from the previous lessons
  • Mind Strainers – engages the pupils to explore and communicate mathematical ideas
  • Math Corridor – an additional feature found at the end of every chapter; contains calculation shortcuts to
    crunch numbers with ease, problem-solving techniques, and math and logic puzzles


Worktext Copyright:

The New Grade 1: 2017

The New Grade 2: 2017

The New Grade 3: 2017

Grade 4: 2015

Grade 5: 2016

Grade 6: 2016


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