Phoenix Learning Package: Skill Builders for Efficient Reading

The Phoenix Learning Package (PLP) offers the newest techniques in developing pupils’ vocabulary, comprehension, literary appreciation, and study skills. It offers a new feature, oral interpretation, which aims at improving speech and developing personality.


Grade 1: Dr. Araceli M. Villamin, Evelyn S. Salazar, Lourdes P. Villanueva, and Obdulia L. Jose

Grade 2: Dr. Araceli M. Villamin, Evelyn S. Salazar, Wilhelmina G. Borjal, Obdulia L. Jose, and Lourdes P. Villanueva

Grade 3: Dr. Araceli M. Villamin, Bernardita O. Gonzalo, Maria A. Orendain, and Evelyn S. Salazar

Grade 4: Wilhelmina G. Borjal, Evelyn S. Salazar, Maria A. Orendain, and Dr. Araceli M. Villamin

Grade 5: Wilhelmina G. Borjal, Victor R. Fumar, Elineth Elizabeth L. Suarez, EdD, Dr. Araceli M. Villamin, and Evelyn S. Salazar

Grade 6: Wilhelmina G. Borjal, Vilma May A. Fuentes, James W. Pecaña, Julieta M. Sasuman, and Evelyn S. Salazar

Level/s: Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


The Worktext can be used in three different ways: as part of a lesson in the regular reading and/or Communication Arts Program; as the main text in an extensive course for mastering the four fundamental reading skills; and as a complementary text in a corrective/remedial reading program.

The PLP series is organized into five major areas—each developing a cluster of important subskills needed for an effective reading course. The Worktext contains reading exercises ranging from easy to difficult: Starter, Reinforcer, and Challenger. A score-to-percent conversion table and a student’s record sheet for recording the exercises results and the child’s progress are found at the back pages.



Worktext Copyright:

Grade 1: 2013

Grade 2: 2013

Grade 3: 2014

Grade 4: 2014

Grade 5: 2014

Grade 6: 2014



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