Learning and Intensifying English Today

Learning and Intensifying English Today awakens the imagination, takes you to the past, and leads you to the future.

Open your door to a whole new level of fun and learning! Let the Learning and Intensifying English (LIFE) Today series take you to a remarkable reading journey! Meet new friends and travel to different worlds with selections of poetry, legends, folklore, biographies, and cultural references!


Kindergarten: Marianne L. Lekcharoen

Grade 1: Gloria Lucia H. Umali

Grade 2: Norma J. Serrano

Grade 3: Catherine M. Franco

Grade 4: Emilia C. Mesa

Grade 5: Virginia E. Antonio

Grade 6: Ma. Concepcion M. Franco

Level/s: Kindergarten; Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


A comprehensive integrated worktext series for grade school pupils that will surely make them LOOK into
their life, SPEND life with others, SHARE lives together, and BUILD one life, one dream, one world! Z Life Today gets the pupils started with either phonics, spelling, or vocabulary development.

  • Life Is Good contains various types of literary selections, which reveal that all persons are essentially good
    and life is infinitely worth living.
  • Life Is Exciting provides pupils with exercises that will teach them how to do reference work, how to
    understand and appreciate what they read, and how to enjoy reading.
  • Life Is Challenging hones study and literary appreciation skills.
  • Grammar Link contains discussions on and exercises in language forms and functions.
  •  Enjoy Life develops the pupils’ God-given talents in singing, drawing, playing games, solving puzzles, or writing.



Worktext Copyright:

Kindergarten: 2014

Grade 1: 2016

Grade 2: 2017

Grade 3: 2018

Grade 4: 2013

Grade 5: 2013

Grade 6: 2013


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