Learn and Do Global Maths the Easy Way

Learn and Do Global Maths the Easy Way, the latest GS Math Book series of Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. is the simplified version of the series Math for Global Understanding.


Grade 1: Maria Teresa C. Bayle; Coordinator: Debbie Y. Grafil and Maria Teresa C. Bayle

Grade 2: Dominic M. Dial, Marites L. Cui, and Debbie Y. Grafil; Coordinator: Debbie Y. Grafil and Maria Teresa C. Bayle

Grade 3: Elizabeth D. Mendoza and Maria Teresa C. Bayle; Coordinator: Debbie Y. Grafil and Maria Teresa C. Bayle

Level/s: Grades 1, 2, and 3


It is anchored on the belief that . . .

  • “When you teach a child something, you take away forever
    his chance of discovering it for himself.” – Jean Piaget
  • “Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It just means you should try harder.”- minds-in-bloom.com
  • “You do not help a child to grow when you deprive him/hereof the opportunity to think and reason.” -MTCBayle.

This easy-to-use-and-understand MUST HAVE book seriesallows pupils to figure out the reason and/or logic behind concepts, ideas, and mathematical solutions throughout the series.
Though made simpler in its presentation and discussion, in accordance with the specific grade level, the GOOD NEWS is that the series:

  • Remains Faithful in developing critical and logical reasoning skills throughout
  • Presents functional, relevant, and practical examples in daily life
  • Challenges pupils to constantly check on their prior knowledge through KEY Questions
  • Develops 21st Century Skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem-solving through the well-crafted assessments
  • Boasts of a Framework that features the following:                                                                                      Jumpstart: This section introduces the topic for discussion in an interesting, simple, easy-to-understand manner                                                                                                                                                                                  Get Going: This sections provides additional information, knowledge, and skills on a higher level yet remains easily understandable by the ordinary pupil                                                                                                  Key Points to Remember: This sections outlines the important learnings from the lessons discussed        Keeping Track: This section provides various forms of formative assessments, covering the different levels of  learning, as mandated by the DepEd Order No. 73                                                                                                The susections under this heading present assessments in varying degrees of difficulty and are labeled as Start Up, Power Up, and Finish Line.                                                                                                                            Tune Up Your Learning: This section allows the pupils to assess their progress in acquiring knowledge, skills, and understanding of the lesson discussed.                                                                                                       The series comes with a wrap-around edition to guide the teachers in their delivery of meaningful discussion.

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