Integrated English for Effective Communication

Engage your learners to help them acquire reading and language skills!

The Integrated English for Effective Communication K to 12 series (IEEC) integrates knowledge, skills, and processes designed in learning the English language through differentiated activities, authentic tasks, and various forms of assessments geared toward literacy and communicative competence.


Grade 1: Joanna Karla N. Bautista;

Grade 2: Karen Grace H. Zablan and Mark Gleen O. Cidro;

Grade 3: Alce M. Sentones, Louie G. Mendoza, and Ace Lyn U. Miranda;

Grade 4: Mark Gleen O. Cidro and Karen Grace H. Zablan;

Grades 5 and 6: Louie G. Mendoza Alce M. Sentones Ace Lyn U. Miranda


Level/s: Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


The following are the lesson components of the series:

  • Unblock prompts and motivates the learner through a variety of pictures, questions, and graphic organizers.
  • Uncover introduces new and unfamiliar words in the selection through interesting and varied
  • Activate, Enrich, and Engage present activities designed to address knowledge, process, and understanding of the skills
  • Connect takes on the reading-to-writing connection to build the assimilation of skills through
    notes and summary statements.
  • Keep in Mind recaps the skills learned by providing a transition statement for promoting
    understanding. It helps the learner to maintain focus and make meaning of the important
    grammar and reading points.
  • Engaging Scenario is the application of the skill in different contexts and various forms of media
    through a performance task with an accompanying rubric as a guide for evaluation.
  • Viewing provides closure to the entire lesson through a visual application of the skill in various forms of media.

Mold the communicative competence of Filipino learners in using English as a second language with IEEC.



Worktext Copyright:

Grade 1: 2015

Grade 2: 2015

Grade 3: 2015

Grade 4: 2015

Grade 5: 2015

Grade 6: 2015

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