Home Economics and Livelihood Education

Helps students become worthy, productive, and responsible members of the family and the community!


J. Bernardino, M. Fulgencio, A. Paragas, and E. Rafael; Coordinator-Author Estifania Gloria L. Lee

Level/s: Grades 4, 5, and 6


The Home Economics and Livelihood Education (HELE) second edition series aims to help students acquire meaningful and productive learning experiences as the lessons are designed to provide opportunities to explore the following fields: entrepreneurship, information and communications technology (ICT), elementary
agriculture, home economics, and industrial arts.

  • Equips the students with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to enable them to face the challenges in the society where they live
  • Emphasizes the formation of family values through lessons that encourage the students’ fulfillment of their roles as family members
  • Provides students with hands-on learning activities that will teach them to work in harmony with others to achieve common goals and objectives



Worktext Copyright:

Grade 4: 2016

Grade 5: 2017

Grade 6: 2017

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