Enjoying Life through Music, Art, Physical Education, and Health

A new MAPEH series is based on the K to 12 Curriculum for 21st century learners!


Marissa C. Pascual, Irene Feliz S. Reyes, Ma. Elvira M. Garcia, Josefa Advincula-Dimalanta, Agnes C. Friginal, Ma. Mignon C. Artuz, and Evangeline R. Franco; Coordinator: Alma M. Dayag

Level/s: Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

  • Is brimming with lessons that offer a wide range of interesting, relevant, and up-to-date topics all written in a clear, simple, and conversational tone
  • Helps develop the children’s understanding of the dynamic world of Music, Art, Physical Education, and Health through inspiring stories, lively games, engaging songs, fascinating trivia, and practical tips
  • Offers over 150 classroom-tested activities that pave the way for active learning. These enjoyable activities lead the students to practice what they have just learned and encourage them to make meaning of their new knowledge, transfer this to real life, explore, and innovate.
  • Ensures critical analysis of important details/information by providing thought provoking questions, tailored to guide the learners to think intelligently, to ask questions, and to remain curious
  • Uses attractive illustrations and attention grabbing photos to spark curiosity and engage class discussions
  • Contains a pre-assessment to find out what the students know about the topic, a variety of formative assessments to reinforce mastery of concepts learned, and a summative test to assess the students’ level of acquisition, understanding, and performance
  • Comes with a teacher-friendly, effective, and productive Learning Guide that contains everything that teachers need to successfully implement each lesson. This will lead the students to confidently apply their learning as they embark on their multifaceted life.
  • Is written by a team of practitioners who are backed up by more than a decade of hands-on teaching experience


Worktext uses songs, dances, rhythms, and artworks that are truly Filipino. The value-laden activities and discussions are purposely integrated to reinforce the concepts and skills taught.



Worktext Copyright:

The New Grade 1A: 2013

The New Grade 1B: 2013

The New Grade 2A: 2013

The New Grade 2B: 2013

The New Grade 3A: 2014

The New Grade 3B: 2014

The New Grade 4A: 2015

The New Grade 4B: 2015

The New Grade 5: 2016

The New Grade 6: 2016

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