Effective Living Today

Presents in logical and easy-to-understand manner the home economics and livelihood education lessons that focus on the pupil not only as an individual but also as a member of a social unit—a family and a community.


Grade 4: Trinidad S. Flores and Gilbert B. Yangco

Grade 5: Purificacion B. Peredo, Gilbert B. Yangco, and Nancy T. Flor

Grade 6: Selma G. Cortes and Gilbert B. Yangco; Coordinator: Trinidad S. Flores; Consultant: Eva B. Gonzalez

Level/s: Grades 4, 5, and 6


Your practical Home Economics and Livelihood Education (HELE) program—

  • develops the basic competencies, skills, and values;
  • is for efficient home and livelihood management;
  • emphasizes both cognitive development and practical application of theories;
  • discusses new ideas and technological breakthroughs in relation to how these can solve day-to-day problems at home  and in business; and
  • helps grade schoolers appreciate the practical lessons in the worktext which eventually give them the opportunities for income-generating projects that they may engage in.

Worktext—focuses on cognitive development. Basic technical training as well as practical learning experiences are included to build your learners’ self-esteem and confidence, making them well-rounded and significantly useful.
Teachers Guide—offers varied and innovative instructional strategies and methodologies
that promote activities showing the equal roles of men and women at home and in business. The presentation of lesson components is functional, ensuring efficient teaching.

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