Christian Life Education Series

The third edition of Christian Life Education (CLE) series supplies the need for an up-to-date religion program as it resonates new teaching materials from the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines. It also incorporates doctrines and lessons from the newly Vatican-approved sources of catechism, namely, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) and the Catechism for Filipino Catholics (CFC).


Kinder: Erlinda Contreras Syquia and Carmen Syquia Musngi

Grade 1: Remedios M. Rivera and Ma. Resurreccion Palma Alejo

Grade 2: Ma. Victoria Panlilio-Dimalanta

Grade 3: Ma. Loreto S. Villanueva

Grade 4: Diana Ladaw Sales

Grade 5: Antonio B. Rosana Jr. and Ester J. Oledan

Grade 6: Arnold T. Regino and Ester V. Frago

Project Director: Joseph L. Roche, SJ

Project Manager: Jose Moises T. Fermin, SJ

Coordinator: Diana L. Sales

Level/s: Prep; Kinder; Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


This series meets the prerequisites for an effective religion program as it features the following:

  • True-to-life. Examples and analogies reflect recent events pupils are familiar with to make lessons more meaningful and applicable to their lives.
  • Integrated. Following the guidelines of the National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines (NCDP), CLE approaches the teaching of the Catholic faith via its essential threefold nature: doctrine (what we believe), morals (how we act), and worship (how we pray). It gives equal weight to theory and practice of the Catholic faith.
  • Accurate, authentic, and relevant. The series is the only program that draws its content from the three Catholic sources: Scriptures, Church teachings, and daily human experiences.


The worktext employs values education techniques that ensure an experiential and faith-grounded approach to learning of the Catholic faith. It features a number of study aids to reinforce pupils’ learning, such as Unit Review, Unit Summary, Year-end Summary, and Glossary. Each worktext contributes to the mastery learning of important religious doctrines as they are discussed across grade levels. The teachers guide ensures comprehensive lessons and provides all the concepts of an effective lesson plan: objectives, sources, background, reflection, presentation of the lesson, unit tests, and answer keys. The teachers guide suggests well-thought-out development of the three aspects of religion learning: cognitive, morals, and worship.



Worktext Copyright:

Prep: 2014; 2774

Kinder: 2013

Grade 1: 2014

Grade 2: 2014

Grade 3: 2014

Grade 4: 2014

Grade 5: 2014

Grade 6: 2014


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