Beyond Math

Beyond Math is designed to provide a solid foundation in basic mathematical concepts. Its emphasis is on the computational skills and problem-solving techniques. It aims to sustain pupils’ interest in mathematics by providing student-friendly lesson discussions, realistic examples, and interesting exercises.


Rigan P. Ap-apid, Tom N. Chu, Mercurio T. Elenzano, Ani M. Guerrero, Darwin M. Guerrero, Angelyn R. Lao, Loly Ong, Ferdinand D. Rivera, Judy W. Sy, Polly W. Sy, and Maria Jenny Tan; Coordinators: Loly Ong and Polly W. Sy

Level/s: Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6



The Worktext consists of concise and mathematically sound lesson discussions, a Working Together section, and a Chapter Test section. Each lesson contains four sets of exercises (Snap this Math!, Middling Math!, MathaLino Challenge, and Enrichment). It features the following:

  • Focus on the mastery of basic concepts: Presents a clear and systematic way of explaining concepts and provides exercises that develop and strengthen the mastery of the concept
  • Emphasis on the mastery of computational skills and problem-solving techniques: Provides ample examples that explain and show the different computation and problem-solving techniques; contains exercises of increasing levels of difficulty to provide continuous drills to meet the needs of pupils
  • Integration of values education and real-life situations: Integrates the attitudes and values
    essential to the development of the character of morally upright law-abiding citizens; includes
    applications to real-life situations in the examples and exercises in every chapter
  • Enhancement of reasoning power: Includes an Enrichment exercise in each lesson to improve reasoning skills and to encourage critical thinking
  • Enhancement of social skills: Enables and encourages pupils to work in small groups through the Working Together section to further strengthen their understanding of the concepts and to enhance their social skills through the activities that require group dynamics and bonding among the students
  • Inclusion of Chapter Tests: Includes a Chapter Test section to provide a set of problems to check the pupils’ mastery of the concepts and the development of their computational skills

The Teachers Guide includes the length of time needed to complete each lesson, teaching strategies, and other relevant activities to assist the teachers in planning their learning experiences.



Worktext Copyright:

Grade 1: 2009

Grade 2: 2009

Grade 3: 2009

Grade 4: 2009

Grade 5: 2009

Grade 6: 2009



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