You and the Natural World Series (K to 12 Edition)

Designed to develop and polish your students’ science skills using an array of relevant activities, appropriate instructional tools, tested science concepts, and variety of assessment tools that will check student understanding.


Grade 7: Lilia G. Vengco, Teresita F. Religioso, and Delia Cordero-Navaza

Grades 8, 9, and 10: Genevieve Darvin-Faraon, Lilia G. Vengco, Teresita F. Religioso, and Delia Cordero-Navaza


Level/s: 7, 8, 9, and 10


Features of the Series:

  • Aligned with the K to 12 curriculum
  • Highlights the development of “habits of the mind” (i.e., science process skills and scientific values/attitudes and metacognitive skills)
  • Gives opportunities for the students to show their “visible thinking” through judicious use of graphic organizers
  • Uses varied, engaging, and inquiry-based/open-ended activities to cater to the different intelligence and learning styles of the students
  • Presents science from societal context by citing relevant issues and concerns like pollution and health hazards
  • Includes alternative assessment tool


  • The Natural World– features events in nature that translate the scientific theories and concepts learned by the students into concrete examples
  • Holistic Map/Concept Map– provides a bird’s eye-view of the important and related contents covered by the unit or chapter
  • Check Your Understanding– brief review questions that prompt students to think and recall what they have just learned and help teachers assess how much the students are learning
  • Big Idea– the cone or central idea of the chapter that gives meaning to the concepts
  • Summary– lists the most important concepts in the chapter
  • Test Your Understanding– These are questions that are correlated to learning objectives to pinpoint what students are learning.



Textbook Copyright:

Grade 7: 2016

Grade 8: 2016

Grade 9: 2014

Grade 10: 2015


Second Edition:

Grade 7: 2017

Grade 8: 2017

Grade 9: 2018

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