Values Education Series for the SEDP

At present when almost everyone’s value system is slowly deteriorating, the second edition of the Values Education Series may be the answer to the growing need for a reevaluation of values, the core of one’s whole being. It brings into focus the most important areas of one’s life—oneself, one’s community, one’s neighbors, and one’s God.


Level I: Ma. Zilpha Palma-Rallos

Level II, III, and IV: Ma. Victoria L. Tuvilla

Series Coordinator: Monserrat Ruiz-Masbad

Series Project Director: Bro. Rolando R. Dizon, FSC


Level/s: High School


With a stronger drive to instill values, this series—

  • gives weight to the worth of every human being as a creation of God;
  • impresses upon the students the importance of faith in a very confusing world;
  • instills in the students Filipinism, pride in the Filipino heritage and magnifies the importance of family and friends;
  • discusses societal issues, such as freedom, social justice, democracy, and human rights;
  • awakens the students through immersion programs and field trips, to the plight of their less fortunate brothers and sisters and to the sad condition of Mother Earth;
  • encourages parents to play an active role in the value formation of their children;
  • deals with quite sensitive issues, such as sexuality and premarital sex, with openness but with tact; and
  • evolves around the two most important commandments of God—love your neighbor and love God.

The Worktext employs the value-clarification and action-learning approaches in putting one’s values to the fore and in encouraging personal and social action based on these values. Each has a glossary explaining terms as they were used in the text so as to avoid misinterpretation. Every lesson has a module preview presenting as an overview of what the lesson is and a set of desired objectives to be satisfied after each lesson.

The Teachers Guide provides additional lessons as well as suggested class activities and exercises.



Textbook Copyright:

Level I: 1997

Level II: 1997

Level III: 1998

Level IV: 1998


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