Technology and Livelihood Education

Authored by a team of experts in livelihood education, the series focuses on the skills and values of self-reliance and productive family life through the use of appropriate technology.


Level I: Josephine C. Bernardino

Level IV: Alma L. Paragas and Maria Gracia A. Fulgencio

Levels I and IV Coordinator: Estifania Gloria L. Lee


Level/s: High School


Develops students’ self-reliance through technological skills!

Technology and Livelihood Education levels I–IV allow the high school students to be involved in activity-centered lessons that explore career, utilize technology, and develop skills. This course introduces students to career exploration and selection processes, and provides information regarding additional courses and training related to the student’s career field of interests.

Technology and Livelihood Education series covers major components, namely, Home Economics, Food and Nutrition, Agriculture and Fishery Arts, and Entrepreneurship.

The Textbook contains well-thought-out lessons utilizing varied approaches for relevant learnings. It also features a glossary of terms and a list of references that may be used for further readings.

The Teachers Guide helps teachers maximize the textbook’s effectiveness in teaching students the basic knowledge and skills in technology and livelihood education.



Textbook Copyright:

Level I: 2005

Level II: 2005

Level III: 2006

Level IV-A: 2006

Level IV-B: 2006


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