Technology and Livelihood Education Series

The Phoenix Publishing House Inc. introduces its much-anticipated Technology and Livelihood Education Series for Grades 7/8, 9, and 10.


Beauty Care Services: Nail Care 7/8: Elena C. Reyes

Caregiving 7/8: Jenny A. Da-Anton

Cookery 7/8: Armonia D. Bello

Dressmaking 7/8: Josephine R. Domingo

Front Office Services 7/8: Jeffrey D. De Guzman and Alvin L. Espiritu

Computer Hardware Servicing 7/8: Cris F. Diñozo

Consumer Electronics Servicing 7/8: Marvin A. Mendoza and Romeo O. Caro

Electrical Installation and Maintenance 7/8: Nestor V. Pita Jr.

Plumbing 7/8: Jordan G. Domingo and Crizah Flor A. Domingo

Shielded Metal-Arc Welding 7/8: Jeffrey G. Morenos

Aquaculture 7/8: Leo I. Moral Jr.

Food Processing 7/8: Aida T. Galura

Entrepreneurship 7/8: Rene Gaor Delfino

Bread and Pastry Production: Grace R. Nieves

Caregiving 9: Carlo B. Bejarasco and Jenny A. Da-Anton

Food and Beverage Services: Rose Ann Morano-Sulla

Front Office Services: Jeffrey D. De Guzman and Alvin L. Espiritu

Housekeeping: Jennifer F. Vivas

Local Guiding Services: Raquel F. Verzosa and Jeneffer P. Baltazar

Travel Services: Raquel F. Verzosa

Computer Hardware Servicing 9: Cris F. Diñozo

Electrical Installation and Maintenance 10: Roman A. Calbusora Jr.

Shielded Metal-Arc Welding 9: Jeffrey G. Morenos

Food Processing 9: Agnes Annalie D. Sayon

Food Processing 10: Zenaida R. Delantar



The series’ features include the following:

  • The series is written by TLE practitioners/ experts who are TESDA National Certificate (NC) Holders with vast exposures/trainings.
  • All learning competencies developed are K to 12 compliant and are anchored on TESDA Training Regulations.
  • Lessons and activities are carefully written to provide the required knowledge and desired basic skills as prerequisite for taking higher competencies.
  • The textbooks are user-friendly, comprising of parts that are easy to understand (for example, assessment criteria, lessons, self-checks, performance tasks, and other engaging activities aiming to mimic the real common competencies required for learners taking TechVoc specializations).
  • The competencies presented in the textbooks are supported by learning guides.
  • Activities and tests are made to conform to the expected competency standards to be demonstrated when learners undergo TESDA assessments for gaining National Certificates (NC).
  • The series can be utilized as self-paced manuals for learners to study their own before having their skills assessed in accredited TESDA centers.



Textbook Copyright:

Beauty Care Services: Nail Care 7/8: 2016

Caregiving 7/8: 2016

Cookery 7/8: 2016

Dressmaking 7/8: 2016

Front Office Services 7/8: 2016

Computer Hardware Servicing 7/8: 2016

Consumer Electronics Servicing 7/8: 2016

Electrical Installation and Maintenance 7/8: 2016

Plumbing 7/8: 2016

Shielded Metal-Arc Welding 7/8: 2016

Aquaculture 7/8: 2016

Food Processing 7/8: 2016

Entrepreneurship 7/8: 2016

Bread and Pastry Production: 2016

Caregiving 9: 2016

Food and Beverage Services: 2016

Front Office Services: 2016

Housekeeping: 2016

Local Guiding Services: 2016

Travel Services: 2016

Computer Hardware Servicing 9: 2016

Electrical Installation and Maintenance 10: 2016

Shielded Metal-Arc Welding 9: 2016

Food Processing 9: 2016

Food Processing 10: 2016


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