Technology and Livelihood Education (LEAP) Series

The textbook series covers three major livelihood component areas, namely, Home Economics (HE), Agriculture and Fishery Arts (AFA), and Industrial Arts (IA).


Josephine C. Bernardino, Estifania Gloria L. Lee, Edita T. Rafael, Maria Gracia A. Fulgencio, and Alma L. Paragas; Coordinator: Estifania Gloria L. Lee

Level/s: 7, 8, 9, and 10

  • Integrates entrepreneurship in all component areas of TLE
  • Features lessons that equip students with skills and values to become positive, productive, market-oriented, and customer-centered
  • Provides activities that develop the capacity of students for self-employment, and suggests pathways to them for further education and training in their chosen careers
  • Responds to the demands of the job market by equipping the students with the crucial knowledge and skills so that they can easily adapt and be flexible enough for employment
  • Teaches students, even at their young age, to learn, earn, and achieve a productive life



Textbook Copyright:

Grade 7: 2013

Grade 8: 2013

Grade 9: 2014

Grade 10: 2015


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