Technology and Home Economics

Written by the experts in home economics, the series focuses on the skills and values of self-reliance and productive family life through the use of appropriate technology.


First and Second Year: Teresita B. Tronqued; Author-Coordinator: Gloria M. Santos

Second Year: Rizalina A. Talao; Coordinator: Gloria M. Santos


Level/s: High School


Here are the features of the series:

  • Activity‑oriented. The series equips high schoolers with knowledge and skills on technology and home economics and develops their interests, attitudes, and values toward work through various activities that may be done at home or in school.
  • Comprehensive. The series covers lessons in home management health care; food production, management, and service; dressmaking; tailoring; and related crafts.
  • Practical. The series highlights useful learning experiences that prepare students to engage in home-based industries.
  • Learner-friendly. The series provides guide questions and a list of tasks at the end of each chapter to evaluate the students’ learnings and develop their skills further.

The Textbook contains a list of concepts to be learned in each chapter. It also features a glossary of terms and a list of references that may be used for further readings.

The Teachers Guide helps teachers maximize the textbook’s effectiveness in teaching students the basic knowledge and skills in home economics. It contains classroom-tested strategies that teachers can use in teaching the lessons. It provides sample lessons for each chapter that can be modified according to the needs of students.



Textbook Copyright:

Level I: 1995

Level II: 1994

Level III: 1995

Level IV:

Related Crafts: 1995

Food-service Management: 1995

Culinary Arts: 1995

Nursing Arts: 1994


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