Phoenix Next Century Science

The Phoenix Next Century Science series is developed to guide the students as they travel into the world of science. It is very easy to read and is user-friendly. Concepts are explained with many relevant pictures and useful examples. Diagrams, graphs, and tables were utilized to aid in understanding the text.


Integrated Science: Joseph Villasana Gutierrez, Hilda Ropelos Hagad, and Susana Barzabal dela Cruz; Project Director: Sr. Mercedes E. Salud, SFIC

Biology: Susana Barzabal dela Cruz; Project Director: Sr. Mercedes E. Salud, SFIC

Chemistry: Hilda Ropelos Hagad; Project Director: Sr. Mercedes E. Salud, SFIC

Physics: Gary B. Coronado and Maria Carmela A. Boncodin


Level/s: High School


As the series conforms to the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) by the Department of Education (DepEd), it also includes the following special features:

  • Each chapter begins with a quotation that serves as a food for thought which the students can reflect on.
  • Behavioral objectives are listed in each chapter opener to identify the expected learning outcomes of the students.
  • A list of values that can be integrated in the discussion of concepts are identified in the beginning of each chapter.
  • Contains additional scientific facts and figures (trivias) that will enrich the students’ knowledge of the sciences
  • Highlights various scientists, the latest news and discoveries or inventions in biology and chemistry, and applications of biological and chemical principles
  • A clear and accurate summary of the key concepts and ideas that students have learned


Each textbook is accompanied by a laboratory manual, a teachers guide, and a syllabus.

  • The Laboratory Manual will further enrich the knowledge of biology and chemistry through classical and practical activities which both the teacher and the students will enjoy performing.
  • The Teachers Guide features teaching strategies and styles that will make both the teacher and the students enjoy in learning the sciences. It also contains subject integration and lesson development which emphasize cooperative learning and active participation of students.
  • The year-level Syllabus briefly states the main points of the course—topic coverage, time frame, materials and resources, strategies, and evaluation tools. It is designed to give teachers the opportunity to bring out their talents and strengths.



Textbook Copyright:

Integrated Science: 2005

Biology: 2003

Chemistry: 2003

Physics: 2006


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