Phoenix Math for the 21st Century Learners

Develops students’ critical thinking, equipping them with mathematical skills and competencies that are attuned to the demands of globalization.


Grade 7: Roberto J. Degolacion, Benson Tan, and Milagros Endo; Coordinators: Lino Reynoso Ph.D. and Benson Tan; Project Manager: Simon L. Chua, D.T.

Grade 8 (BEC 2002 and Second Edition): Jonathan C. Glorial, Joseph L. Guadayo, Roberto C. Lelina, Josephine L. Sy Tan, Roberto C. Degolacion, and Simon L. Chua, D.T. (Author-Project Director); Coordinators: Roberto J. Degolacion, Carmen T. Sumo, and Lucy O. Sia

Grade 9: Eugenia V. Guerra, Lucy M. Puro, Victor O. Reyes, Josephine L. Sy Tan, Ruben B. Cenita, Clemente Gadia and Simon L. Chua, D.T. (Author-Project Director); Coordinators: Roberto J. Degolacion, Eduardo O. Dela Cruz Jr., Ed.D, and Lucy O. Sia

Grade 10: Quennie S. Flores, Manuel T. Kotah, Carmen T. Sumo, Eugenia V. Guerra, and Simon L. Chua, D.T. (Author-Consultant); Coordinator: Roberto J. Degolacion

Second Edition, Grade 7: Ma. Luisa V. Villano, Lowela B. Mupas, Josephine L. Sy Tan, and Simon L. Chua, D.T. (Author-Project Director); Coordinators: Eduardo O. Dela Cruz, Jr., Ed.D., Lucy O. Sia, and Roberto J. Degolacion


Level/s: 7, 8, 9, and 10

  • Employs an easy-to-understand approach that allows students to apply math in daily life
  • Presents nonroutine problems for international math contests
  • Addresses the needs of the different types of learners through the following forms of math exercises:
    1. Follow-Up Practice for application of previously learned concepts;
    2. Maintain Your Skill for individual written practice;
    3. Mind Strainer to engage the students to explore and communicate mathematical ideas;
    4. Brain Provoker to keep a mental “check” of the student’s progress;
    5. Chapter Test to assess the students’ skills with a sampling of problems from each section
    within every chapter; and
    6. Spare A Moment, an additional feature found at the end of every chapter, which contains
    international contest problems in preparation for any competition.



Textbook Copyright:

Grade 7: 2012

Grade 8: 2013

Grade 9: 2014

Grade 10: 2015


Second Edition:

Grade 7: 2017

Grade 8: 2017


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