Philippine History and Government

The first book in a series for Social Studies in English for Philippine high schools, Philippine History and Government textbook offers rich, thematic, and well-organized lessons on Philippine history, culture, and government.


Janet C. Atutubo, Elyria C. Bernardino, Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, Adelaida N. Hukom, and Lilia Sta. Ana-Rankin

Level/s: High School


This book also—

  • features up-to-date information
  • is based on, but not limited to BEC
  • utilizes higher learning skills like analytical reading, analysis, synthesis, and generalization
  • presents not only the standard development of the history of the Philippines but also emphasizes and explains the forces that created the contemporary identity of the Filipinos
  • uses multidisciplinary approach and presentation

The book that encourages students to raise new questions and alter their points of view toward a more nationalistic bent!



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