Philippine History and Government (Second Edition)

Intended for high school freshmen, the book gives a comprehensive exposition of Philippine history and the structure of its government in the different periods. Emphasizing on Filipinism, the book equips the student with knowledge and understanding of basic concepts in geography, history, and politics.


Bro. Andrew Gonzales, FSC, Lilia Sta. Ana-Rankin, and Adelaida N. Hukom

Level/s: High School


Consider these features:

  • Learner‑centered. Scores of skill-building activities enhance concepts construction. Students perform group activities such as reporting, research, debates, panel discussions, and a lot more!
  • Values based. Filipino as well as universal values are imbued in lessons to develop citizens who know and perform their duties and responsibilities.

Trains students for responsible citizenship by strengthening their knowledge of and love for the country!



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