Journeys in Philippine Literature

Journeys in Philippine Literature is a new reader-friendly book that acquaints high schoolers with the study of Philippine literature in a light and easy manner.


Edilberto C. Cruz

Level/s: High School


Offers students a fresh approach to the study of Philippine literature!

This new book includes a wide variety of quality literary selections—poems, essays, folk tales, and short stories—written by notable Filipino writers, both classic and contemporary!

The following are the quality features of the book that show a unique literary learning experience:

  • Up‑to‑date
    Interesting literary selections are up‑to‑date and mostly taken from writings published in the last thirty years.
  • Eye‑catching layout
    The layout is easy on the eyes with catchy illustrations to break the monotony of the text.
  • Reading and study aids
    After each selection, there is a series of study helps with titles based on the theme of journey: Stopover explains the literary terms, Signposts provides the guide questions, Route Words lists down vocabulary words, and Detour includes lively exercises and activities.

The Textbook is divided into four units, each of which takes the form of a journey to help students gain insights and develop literary appreciation.

  • Into the Heart of the Race rediscovers our roots as Filipinos by going back to our precolonial past as preserved in riddles, proverbs, myths, poems, and epics. This unit also includes tracing the foreign influences that have shaped us into who we are.
  • Into the Mind of the Filipino Youth depicts the many aspects of the Filipino teenage life—the painful yet wonderful process of growing up and the sorrows and joys that go with it.
  • Into the Soul of the People deals with the struggles and achievements, and the problems and challenges that face our country. Reading the selections here will help students understand our country.
  • Into a World of Visions and Ideas uncovers the world of ideas and imagination. This unit will try to cultivate the students’ sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around us.



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