Exploring Life Through Science (K to 12 Edition)

Exploring Life Through Science K to 12 Edition focuses on climate change and practical science. It has features that make learning and teaching resource truly relevant.


Series Author-Coordinator: John Donnie A. Ramos

Grade 7: Josefina Ma. Ferriols-Pavico, Genevieve Darvin-Faraon, Anna Cherylle Morales-Ramos, Aristea V. Bayquen, and Angelina A. Silverio

Grades 8, 9, and 10: Josefina Ma. Ferriols-Pavico, Anna Cherylle Morales-Ramos, Aristea V. Bayquen, and Angelina A. Silverio


Level/s: 7, 8, 9, and 10



  • Concepts in a Box– shows a graphical representation of topics visualized in a concept map
  • Values– summarizes expected values to be developed in students
  • A Closer Look– introduces real-life scenarios and asks teaser questions to jumpstart chapter discussions
  • Proudly Filipino– highlights outstanding Filipino scientists to inspire students
  • My Future in Science–features professions in the sciences to encourage students to pursue similar or related careers
  • LOL (Love of Lab)– challenges students to develop investigative and research skills
  • Sci Bit– supplements learning through information of human interest
  • Practical Science– gives examples of applications of science concepts in everyday life
  • Pillar of Science– features pioneer scientists in the different fields of science
  • Science Patrol– highlights breaking news in the sciences
  • Science Connections– focuses on a multidisciplinary scientific approach to solve human problems
  • A Closer Look Explained– explains the science behind a teaser question in the “A Closer Look”
  • Chapter Recap– recapitulates major concepts learned
  • WWW (World of Wonders on the Web)– expands classroom learning through curriculum-based Internet resources
  • Test Yourself– assesses the progress of students by testing their analytical and comprehension skills



Textbook Copyright:

Grade 7: 2013

Grade 8: 2013

Grade 9: 2014

Grade 10: 2015


Second Edition:

Grade 7: 2017

Grade 8: 2017

Grade 9: 2018


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