Everyday English That Really Works

Everyday English That Really Works, a grammar skill book series for junior high school students, helps develop the student’s competence in oral and written communication in English. Each lesson begins with essential questions that give direction and focus on what to expect in the unit. The lesson culminates with a set of drill exercises that build upon the student’s basic understanding of grammar. The lesson presentation and discussion are designed like a learning plan, making understanding and mastery of the English language easy and fun. The skill book is a practical and student-friendly guide for learners who want to develop their love for the English language.


Patricia S. Billones, Francisca B. De la Cruz, Honorina Rowena M. Castro, and Ma. Teresa C. Bayle (Author-Coordinator); Project Director: Sr. Josefina F. Nebres, ICM

Level/s: 7, 8, 9, and 10


Be a dynamic speaker of the English language!



Skill Book Copyright:

Grade 7: 2015

Grade 8: 2015

Grade 9: 2015

Grade 10: 2015


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