Dynamic Math

Makes mathematics fully integrated with one’s daily life and connected with various aspects of academe.


First Year: Belen C. Camacho, Ronald G. Santos, Carmen T. Sumo, Irene S. Villanueva, and Edna B. Zuela

Third Year: Edna B. Zuela and Luis Allan B. Melosantos

Fourth Year: Maria Felina Agbayani and Ma. Luisa Maranan-Venida

All Levels Author-Coordinator: Debbie Y. Grafil

All Levels Project Directors: Sr. Teresita A. Agana, SPC and Sr. Teresita C. Baricaua, SPC


Level/s: High School


The textbook has the following features:

  • Aims to meet varying needs of different kinds of learners; caters to different learning styles
  • Utilizes an integrative approach of various disciplines and facets of realities
  • Provides opportunities for the development of the three domains of learning— cognitive, psychomotor, and affective
  • Develops critical thinking through carefully crafted exercises in increasing level of difficulty
    • The teachers guide provides suggested lessons and flows of discussions which allow interaction with students. Answers to exercises are given in the solution set.



Textbook Copyright:

Level I: 2010; 2008

Level III: 2009

Level IV: 2008


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